I’m home

time passed so quick. from work, now near my bed I type this words. i remember, I came from that far place and then reaching here. many things had changed…and it happened just as fast like I came from the job today. well, that how things really work. I almost forget the details but i remember how it feels. those times I am with those I love until time like this comes, when I am all alone.
It really doesn’t matter you know. it is not about how we should feel, but how we handle what we feel. The wind will blow and we don’t know where it goes. what really matters now is knowing what is right. and that there is always a way out. when you see no coincidence, but rather fate to the one who choose it. fate written by the unknown author of all times. the one that holds each blueprint of one’s existence. and he is the one set the time before anyone did. the one who gives me serenity and tranquility above the stormy seas. whose mind , no one can grasp and love no one can fathom. He is the One who take care for everyone.


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