Oh! I’ve lost it…

I feel so sorry for myself today..huhu.. unintentionally I have trashed my newest post and no way to have it back again.. Anyway, I just want to thank those who have read it and commented well. And I want you to know my friends that I just want to share, hoping that it will help somehow. Honestly, it is quite a bad thing to lose something we cherish. Well, I can do a little good for the next time.
And for those who were not able to read my previous post, let me share you about it. It is about how God answers our prayers. I know everyone of us have same experiences and this is what happened to me. Asking God’s favor is always the thing I do first in every step I want to take. I have shared about my new job. It is new to me and I find it hard to do all the processes. So I ask God’s guidance and wisdom. And the good thing is, He answered my prayer in a manner I haven’t noticed well. I can’t put it into details but the thing is, even if I consider myself helpless but then I came into the scenario that I became the helper.
After all, I have seen how God do great things in my life and answers my prayer. God gave me the knowledge and wisdom as I have trusted Him with all my needs. Asking God for wisdom is the secret for having it. And God himself write it down for us in James 1:5 the bible says “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” I believe in my heart God had given us everything we need but He challenge us to ask from Him because He wants us to know Him as a true God and not just part of our intellectual assent. God bless..  🙂


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