keep believing

Failure is part of our existence. To fail is human and to fulfill is of God.

There are many things I want to do in my life which is connected to my past and present failure. I know that many of us can connect to what I am in right now. There’s nothing more frustrating when we cannot do what we supposed to do compared to the things we just want to do. Part of personal growth is the acceptance of responsibilities and duties to everything and everyone that are laid before us. And I think I’m in that situation right now.

We do have limitations and we supposed to be reminded of that. This is the reality but not an excuse to the failures we’ve committed. It is not easy to handle since we know how to love and value our family inside our hearts even if many times being judged to be insensitive and uncaring. This certain judgment is being laid to God himself by us.

What is comforting in these moment is not the ideas of our limited human perception, but the promises of God have been written for us. It is not about religion, someone might not believe in this regard and I think that what makes the difference then, having faith. Anyone can believe in something or someone. What we think our minds met. Believe to achieve. These makes the difference in us, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, regardless if it is true or not. But the kind of faith that is more effective is believing to someone that is true, and it is our faith for God. Someone can deny the existence of God, but cannot prove it. It is not my job to show God to those who do not believe, but I can be a witness for the good things God has done as what I’ve experienced in my personal life.

It is God who created everything. And nothing he doesn’t know. He knows our shape and everything in us. His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higher than ours. To sum it up there’s no reason for us not to trust Him with everything in us. I personally come to God and entrusted my desires and believe in my heart that he did it for me even if it don’t come yet. God works in our hearts the time we know his promises and we can know it by reading the Bible. I may share Isaiah 55:1,

Come, everyone who thirsts,
come to the waters;
and he who has no money,
come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without price.”

Here we can see God who invites us to come to him. We can see that coming to God is a choice and God doesn’t push it however it is his will that all of us may come to him. God tells us that everything that we need he can provide and the best thing of all is that he can satisfy us totally. We may think of material things, that not bad to dream or ask God for it because it is God who actually gives everything and nothing we can claim we own. But God simply says that there is so much more than things, so much more than relationships, so much more than our wildest dreams, so much more anything we can think of and it is GOD Himself.

The presence of God is what we miss. We usually spend our time striving to live and getting what we need and enjoy it but fail to recognize the giver of everything. We can only be reminded of God when things went wrong and it is out of our control. It is true to all of us. We fail God a lot of times, but the best thing about God is that he doesn’t fail us.

Why it is that faith and failures were connected to God. I may say that, it is because God knows everything and he holds all things in His hand and he let things happen for us to have the privilege of knowing him in a way that he take us out from the darkest point of our lives or when we are down and it seem impossible for us to rise again, then he take us in His hands and lead us back to Him. He is there waiting for our call, if we desire the things concerning Him everything in life will be clearer to us. He is the source of everything. So keep believing.


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