It’s no longer a Secret

We areForgiveness, Jesus saves, Jesus cares, mark anthony mansueto, eternal life, secrets, bad secrets, jesus heals, facebook photos, facebook, facebook friends, social media unique individuals who have different types of personalities. In various ways we keep our secrets while others are not keeping them but who are outspoken telling others about it. I might be wrong but all of us have secrets that we never tell anyone. For some reasons we try to keep those things for ourselves. To mention a few, we keep it because that was really bad or silly and afraid someone will get angry or ridicule on us. We’ll, the worst thing is if it could send us to jail. Whatever it is the truth remains, it’s no longer a secret.

There are good secrets and there are bad as well. I prefer to talk about bad here, not because I’m a pessimistic person but because of the fact that the “bad” things are the things we usually keep as secrets. We are afraid to tell the world about it and we can’t imagine if the world will know. We consider that if it happens, our world will end.

No matter how hard we try to keep it, it always shows up like a ghost in a mirror. Like a nightmare it seems. Reminds us where we’ve been and who we really are. We usually display different figure in front of our friends and to the public. And people have a good impression about us. In our social media accounts like facebook, we uploaded photos showing the “good about us” and deleting the opposite. Photos didn’t tell the truth. An example would be, friends that hugs each other but in real life real says awful things at their back. Sad reality.

I have many secrets too. Do you want to know? I will not tell everything. I’ve done things you will never expect I’ve done it. But there’s someone who knows about it all. That person knows all your secrets too. Whether it’s good or bad, He knows it all. So, it’s no longer a secret. But think about this because it did not stop there. I want to share to you a wonderful information.

This moment will not be about bad or good. The reason why secrets exist because we are not perfect. There is a way to make secrets stop haunting us. Forgiveness. We need to be forgiven and we need to forgive ourselves too. The person who knows my secrets is Jesus. It is not simply He knows it but he can also forgive us completely. So that we will have clear conscience, pure heart and life that last long.

Do you want to be forgiven?

It you want to, please continue to read. With all sincerity ask about it. A portion of what He says goes like this “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I assure you that you can be forgiven, It’s more than a good psychology, it’s reality. Believe that He died on the cross 2,000 years ago to pay for your sins, that includes your secrets. Real forgiveness, real freedom, real security and much more. To do this, say a simple prayer;

“God, you know everything about me. There’s nothing I can hide. Please forgive me for all unpleasant things I’ve done. I believe that you died for me because you love so much. I believe in you. Be the Lord of my life, and make me a person you want me to be from this day onward. In Jesus name I ask, Amen.

Please share to others.


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