Working in Compassion ministry in Davao City

SAM_0098I started July 22, 2013 as a case worker for compassion ministry under Davao Shekinah Chid Development Center here in Davao City. And I have a worth sharing stories from the time until this moment.

To work in a children related ministry is such a challenging one. There are many things to be prepared for and to be considered personally. Before coming to this place of commitment, I ask the Lord for it. It is very important to know if you are called for this kind of ministry because it help you stand firmly when pressure will set in.
Surely God’s loves the little children and there’s a song for it which we teach the children. If God loves the children dearly so it would be necessary for me to have this kind of love in my heart. Love is the most powerful thing. The bible says, “Love conquers all”. If you don’t have the love for children, you can’t stay with them in an hour. There are cute ones that you will enjoy being with but also there are few who are like living in a different world. Little ones who are hard to dealt with. Others are even considered as a “problem child”.It is more challenging for me because I’m a male teacher. Children for many reasons don’t like male teachers.
I am thankful to Jesus that He helps me by giving me strength, patience, understanding and love. I would love to share my story and ministry next time. Thank you, God bless you


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