Hi this is Mark,
I believe that God loves us all. And that love is true. Sometimes life is really hard for us. Many times we fail, stumble and fall. We torment to the grave and hardly able to grasp the overwhelming pain. No words to define how it’s actually appearing. Our minds cannot even go beyond what we see for what we have is the present agony. Now, there’s always a time for everything. We can choose how to live today. And how to use the past to make things right all the way.
I’m not the strongest person you may know. I’m not the one whom you can lean on, because like you, I’m as weak as a newly born child. With this lifetime journey of mine, learning to live is all the days challenge.
I see people fall, others was able to rise and others didn’t make it. It was indeed a sad story to tell. Reality as I see it, is not easy to understand, as to LIFE itself.
I was wondering who’s to blame., didn’t you think that way?
Oh! I can’t help it.. I cannot change the world. I can’t let things happen my way!
Is there a God? If there is, why all this things goes its way too hard for me to handle?
There are moments in our lives that we almost give up. Yes, some I see…so sad… hanging themselves on that old tree… end….end…. I see those things with my nicked eye and I began to think deeply…
And I say this to myself..I don’t want that way my life will end. I’ve try to look above, see the heavens, the blue sky, the clouds hanging on that thin surface. The little creatures that surfs with its tiny wings. I begin to realize that there is someone who really cares… He is whispering into my ears, and he told me,.. I’VE BEEN HERE ALL THE TIME..
rescue, don moen


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Joseph Te says:

    True followers of Christ will experience a lot of suffering and persecution but don’t worry for Christ is our victory whenever we go. ALL IS WELL with GOD… =)

  2. nhesan says:

    thanks.. nice blog pas.. part of life jud ang mga ups and downs yet God is really good always coz no matter how hard our circumstances are still He gives us more reasons to live knowing He’s just around the corner guiding and protecting us each day. . . . God bless u pas and ur fam…:)

    • hezelmark09 says:

      thank you nez.. I hope that you and your family will keep it the faith we’ve been instructed since we’re kids.. I hope to see you soon.. I miss everything in our place.. God Bless you..

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